Coursework: Art Center College Of Design / Mentor: Simon Johnston

An effective identity communicates volumes. It should embody the heart and history of an organization, and assert its relevance today. It should be timeless, yet versatile across modern media platforms.

The exercise of creating an updated identity for such a venerable entity as PBS offered an opportunity for me to look beyond “the mark.” I wanted to move past the strictures of the network’s dated logo while honoring its legacy. The goal was to create a system that was flexible and contemporary and allowed room for PBS to continue evolving for a new generation to discover.

For inspiration, I drew on images from science and nature — things that PBS brought into my own life as a kid. The finished design recalls tree rings, water wear on rock forms, leaf-vein patterns, light spectra. There’s even a little bit of “3-2-1 Contact” in there.

© Jaime Lopez 2018